elisabeth sinsabaugh

Photo Producer / Editor

Sinsabaugh had produced award-winning photography for USA Network, Syfy, Bravo TV, Spy Magazine, Psychology Today and Mother Earth News. 

She has extensive hands-on experience in all aspects of photo production including: concept development, sourcing emerging photographers, on-set art direction, budgeting, scheduling, photo research, editing, negotiation, and asset management. Known for building high performance production teams, Sinsabaugh ensures that projects are delivered on time and under budget. 

Sinsabaugh has expertise in staff development, leading to an environment of innovation. As a cross-functional influencer with proven success, Sinsabaugh creates collaborative partnerships and develops synergies between stakeholders.

LinkedIn profile: linkedin.com/in/ehsinsabaugh

Photographs © NBCUniversal

Photographer credits: Andrew Eccles, Nigel Parry, Herb Ritts, Brigitte Lacombe, Smallz & Raskind, Mark Abrahams, David Drebin, Anthony Mandler, Patrick Hoelck, Frank W. Ockenfels 3, James Minchin III, Justin Stephens, Robert Ascroft, Joe Pugliese, Rebecca Miller, Jill Greenberg, Williams + Hirakawa, Vern Evans, Robert Maxwell, James White, F. Scott Schafer, Matthias Clamer, Eric Ogden, Michael Lavine, Ian White, Michael Grecco, Scott McDermott, Martin Schoeller, Marco Grob, Mathew Rolston, Michael Muller, Kwaku Alston


Sinsabaugh’s ethereal photographs of the Hudson River are part of an ongoing series entitled, “Hudson River Romance” many which have been taken through the train window on her commute from Ossining, New York to Manhattan. The photographs capture the changing landscape throughout the year, influenced by the varying weather patterns and tidal cycles.

An avid gardener, Sinsabaugh photographs the harvest from her community garden plot, the local farmer's market and seasonal goodies forged in the Hudson River Valley. The fruit and vegetables take on an unique character of their own, transformed into studies of form and color.

As a midwestern can-do kind of gal, Sinsabaugh started Anything About Food to chronicle her escapades in the kitchen. She'll try just about anything, from canning to cheese making to whatever sounds delicious in-between. If you're lucky enough she'll be pulling home-baked bread out of the oven on your next visit. As her son Henry says, "Mom's a survivalist with a foodie twist". 

Etsy store: www.etsy.com/shop/AnythingAboutFood




All photographs © Elisabeth Sinsabaugh

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